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” Human Anatomy will soon become adaptable by changing itself to fight this Virus…”

Will your Business do the same??

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"Let’s design the POST-COVID world together"

The business design will be singularly consumed services.

As many domains of business are getting affected by the pandemic, the organisations should switch to “Learning Organisations”.  Along with improvement in Brand and Product, what they need more is a Learning Culture and improvement in the ability to respond to the fast-paced changes happening around them. 

Post Covid-19 time for Bhishma Industries to embark on customer’s projects for low-cost innovation, which could be used across emerging economies. Bhishma Industries is good at this. 

Services We Offer

Every step Counts

Engineering Consultation

Defining engineering solutions to client's new development and problems.

Development Lab

Development Labs are devoted arm of research & development for our customers.

Energy Roof Construction

Our roof serves all the functions of a traditional roof, whilst generating energy for you.

Lean Implementation

We utilize our proven system to achieve your corporate and manufacturing Lean goals

Offshore Development

Our lucrative business model allows client to get their work done through a dedicated team.

Vision to Kaizen

Need of Lean to Green Lookout

"It’s time to focus on the environment while thinking about improving the effectiveness of business processes. “Zero Effect, Zero Defect” should be the “New Normal” for the businesses to keep themselves on the track of Sustainability. Lean principles, if implemented along with Lean culture, will surely result in Zero wastage of natural resources along with Zero non-conformance in quality. "

Automation for Industry 4.0

"In the unprecedented times, organisations across the globe need to start a new journey towards Industry 4.0. It’s the need of the hour to work on improving Visibility, Compliance and Automation. Lean culture serves as the basic perception of Industry 4.0 and the organisations will have to develop Lean culture so as to adapt this change."

Education for Perfection

A systematic, Lean-centered and value-enhanced approach to education service delivery that enables professionals to meet, lead and shape industrial, individual and societal needs by integrating comprehension, appreciation and application of tools and concepts of engineering fundamentals through principles based on respect for people and the environment and continuous improvement…”
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Working at Bhishma Industries

We at Bhishma Industries offer you diverse fields of work, secure professional prospects and support in your development in line with your preferences.

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Featured News

Participated in Quality Council of India for ZED movement.

Started task allotted by DST for Indian scenario in Industry 4.0

Expanding service wings globally.